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AirEssence Diffuser

Our next generation of AirEssence® now diffuses through sola flowers - made one at a time - by skilled artisans using the dried peel of the tapioca plant that is sewn onto a cotton wick. In keeping with the Agraria definition of “from the earth”, sola flowers - also referred to as balsa wood flowers - are a natural material and environmentally friendly.

As the fragrant essential oils are absorbed through the cotton wick, the flower petals will change to the color of the oil as the scent diffuses into the air. Within the first few days, the flowers will absorb about one inch of the oil, and after that, the fibers of the petals will be “refreshed” as needed to keep them moist and fragrant. As a natural wood product, sola flowers may show wood grains as they become more saturated, but this will not diminish the fragrance diffusion.

Even after all of the oil has been absorbed, the flowers will retain their scent for another month. The total time the AirEssence should remain active is based on your environment, but we estimate about one year.

The new crystal glass tray is stamped with an eight-petal rose. In the art of the Renaissance, an eight-sided rose is a symbolic message of rebirth and renewal.